Saturday, April 4, 2009

More About My Dad

The nice thing about a "uniform" is that you feel properly dressed in so many different situations.

It works when you're carving the turkey at Thanksgiving.

It works when you and your daughter need to put the flag up.

It even works when you're spending your Sunday evening doing a friend's taxes.

When you start out as a handsome young executive . . .

you wear the uniform a lot, and you still look pretty good when you retire . . .

and exchange that uniform for a different one.

Some people might say you look your handsomest in your golf clothes.

Well, most of the time.


  1. Love the last photo...times have certainly changed haven't they. Don't see men dressed like that so much anymore.

  2. Look at that... exactly as pictured... 'cept for the lack of hair :D

    So sweet... he looked good and very happy in the retirement uniform.

  3. Very sweet, he is so handsome :) I so love uniforms, my dad also used to wear a uniform since he was a pilot, with hte hat and all I loved it! Now it's my brother's turn and he is so dashing in it :)

  4. Oreneta, he used to embarrass me by wearing jacket and tie when the other fathers were wearing polo shirts or (gasp) leisure suits. Now I'm so glad he had class! :-)

    Rose City, thanks! I enjoyed having an excuse to pore over the old albums.

    Red, glad the real snapshots didn't disappoint. He kept his Navy haircut all his life. His favorite comment was "Think of the money I've saved on shampoo over the years!"

    Desert Rose, I agree. There's something about a man in a uniform, no question. (Even the nerd/rocket scientist version!)


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