Thursday, April 9, 2009


We're having such incredibly magnificent weather in South Florida that I couldn't resist a quick spin down to Miami Beach on my day off to check out the scenery and a bookstore I hadn't before visited, Eutopia. I found out about the place last month when J.G. and I attended the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair in St. Petersburg.

Let me just say there's no place I've been that compares with South Beach in Miami. Since the bookstore didn't open until 2 p.m. (it's laid-back South Beach, we're talking about here), I stopped for lunch along the famed Lincoln Road Mall at Maya Tapa & Grill, grabbed a sidewalk table under an umbrella, and spent a good 40 minutes observing the Beautiful People. You see all kinds, including quite a few professional model types. The green parakeets up in the palm trees were screeching their little heads off.

One can only spend so much time gawking, and it came time to see the bookstore. It was a tidy place -- no dust, no mess -- with all the books neatly arranged and enclosed in mylar. But it became clear rather quickly that I wasn't going to find anything to buy and take home. Eutopia specializes in art and photography books, not contemporary literature. Though they had a few shelves containing modern first editions, they didn't have enough to hold my interest for long. They don't have a house cat or website, either. But they do have a blog, which you can find here.

No complaints, though. You can't beat the surroundings and, if you're into photography and art books, and ever find yourself on Miami Beach, this would appear to be the place to go.

The Skinny

Name: Eutopia
Clutter Factor: Passes the white glove test
Wallet Dent: A tad steep, but consider the location
Selection: Specializes in books with pictures and paintings
Surroundings: Exotic, cutting edge
House Cat: N/A


  1. I LOVE South Beach....we've spent a bunch of time there, and I adore it. Ahhhhh. Had some absolutely fabulous Cuban food too....and that coffee....oh my goodness....there was a place on Lincon Rd Mall, a little hole in the wall, that was on the left as you went down towards the Ocean and the Walgreens(which you get to first, of course) and the Cuban place was before the church...oh, now I've gone and gotten all hungry.
    In December the Publix on Dade just as you get into Miami beach sells torrons...the Catalan christmas delight.

  2. I'll be sure to look for the Cuban coffee place the next time I venture down. I know exactly the Walgreens you're talking about, if it's the one at Washington and Lincoln Road.


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