Friday, March 20, 2009

Small News

After an eventful weekend last weekend, we're pacing ourselves here at the Cafe. Highlights so far:

1. We've driven by a burning van, close enough to flinch and duck when one of the tires exploded. The fire department wasn't there yet, even. Now, what was the van's story, parked neatly all by its lonesome in the insurance company parking lot and completely engulfed in flames? And did the people parked nearby dash out and move their cars away when it started to burn?

2. We've planned for a fancy school fundraiser tomorrow night. This means C.S. had to take his shirt to the dry cleaners and I "had" to buy a party dress, after borrowing one from a friend and then deciding I didn't want to wear it, after all. (My diet starts today, if you get my drift, and this time I MEAN IT.) After a couple of stabs at finding something suitable, I wound up at Stein Mart where I scored a very acceptable dress using the criteria, "Would I pay this much not to wear the dress I already have?" The answer to that question turned out to be yes at $23.99. It may not be quite dressy enough for cocktails, but it is a large and colorful print that I usually wouldn't wear. That should shock the other guests enough that they'll overlook the fact that I won't need another fancy event in order to wear it again. Heck, they may see it at work next week.

3. Driving home after dress success, I got stuck in a huge traffic jam on the main east-west drag in my part of town. Turns out the road was closed while the sheriff's department blew up a live cannonball that was found behind a local business. No wonder there was so much traffic!

4. On a more mundane note, we had great pizza last night and fantastic Thai food tonight. Lemongrass soup is the best! And it's not fattening, right? Note I am not asking about the pizza.


  1. Sounds like you are living in interesting times....congrats on the dress!

  2. Such excitement in your everyday goings on. Yeah on the dress!

    Totally dull here, but that's okay. The ice storm was enough excitement for a while.

  3. Still happy with the dress, even almost a week later. It's loud but I guess I was due for one of those.

    And yes, Hula, sometimes dull is perfectly fine!


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