Sunday, March 8, 2009

Poetry Sunday

Jack Prelutsky (the first Children's Poet Laureate) wrote this, and it doesn't have any title that I can find.

The day they sent Sam to the grocery store
To purchase a carton of eggs,
He brought back a pear with a pearl in its core,
And a leopard with lavender legs.

He returned with an elephant small as a mouse,
A baseball that bounces a mile,
A little tame dragon that heats up the house,
And a lantern that lights when they smile.

Sam brought them a snow ball that never feels cold,
A gossamer carpet that flies,
A salmon of silver, a grackle of gold,
And ermine with emerald eyes.

They never send Sam to the store any more,
No matter how often he begs,
For he brought back a dodo that danced on the floor,
But he didn't bring home any eggs.

From Something Big Has Been Here, William Morrow and Co., 1990.

I have all the windows open, the Princess is out on the porch, the cardinals are chirping and singing their birdy hearts out, and this afternoon I'll be attending my first baseball game of 2009. Life is full of magic and wonder, if we just take time to appreciate it.

It's the weekend, and it's spring, so get out there and have some fun!


  1. Sounds utterly glorious. ISn't it great when you can finally open the windows again.

    Do you and CS ever use chat when one of you is travelling??? Just feeling nosey I guess....

  2. Not nosey at all . . . We haven't chatted since we used to trash talk each other while playing on-line Scrabble. But we burn up the traditional means of communication: cellphone, e-mail, and text.


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