Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cliches on Ice

J.G. and I know of a particular favorite baseball pitcher who constantly uses the term "executing pitches" when describing his outings. (i.e. "I executed my pitches" or "I wasn't executing my pitches.") I once asked him, "How exactly do you execute them? By hanging or lethal injection?" He didn't get it.

Check out this NHL commercial, which everyone should get.


  1. Ok, I went and watched that and then ended up in a wasteland of funny and not so funny hockey commercials...a good one with Gretzky and Sundin...would you like that backhand???hehehehehe

  2. Absolutely, Oreneta. Send the backhand and aim it top shelf.

  3. OMG I am lauging so funny. At least he didn't make any comments about hiding the salami or some suchthing, which I thought for sure was coming! thanks for the laugh


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