Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starting the Trends

Happy New Year! Off we go on another trip around the sun! Based on today's precedents, here's what I can expect in 2009:

1. Breakfasts that include bacon. Always a good thing.

2. Trips to the liquor store. It was practically deserted today. Apparently everyone in this county was there with me yesterday. What was I thinking, going to the liquor superstore on New Year's Eve?

3. Easy refunds. How busy was the liquor store yesterday? The liquor store was so busy, I wound up paying for something that wasn't part of my order. But I got my money back today, no questions asked (then spent part of it on a surprise for C.S.--please don't tell him). I hope that nice lady ahead of me enjoyed her free Veuve Clicquot last night. It was still free, even if I didn't buy it for her, after all.

4. Paying the rent. Given the state of the economy these days, not to mention the job prospects for newly minted lawyers, it's actually a pleasure to be able to pay it.

5. Organized books. Essential with a habit as serious as mine.

6. Unexpected kindnesses in the form of food. My neighbor showed up with homemade tortilla soup, which was extremely delicious. Luckily I was able to reciprocate with some fancy shrimp.

7. Funny things on the internet. On one site, I had to type in the number/letter code which, as the helpful text explained, is necessary to prevent "automated robots" from posting comments. Now I'm confused. I thought all robots were automated.

8. Lots of lap time from the cat. Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.

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