Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Outside Cats

Not the best photos by any stretch, but I just had them developed after one of those I-forgot-my-camera pinches resulted in the purchase of a cheap disposable camera and the subsequent need to "finish the roll." Gosh, that phrase is almost obsolete now, isn't it? Even I don't use film anymore.

Anyway, the tabby is Stripey, a/k/a Mama Cat, and the tuxedo is Missy, a/k/a Little Mom. My neighbor and I banded together to have them fixed, after our friends began to avoid us because we were always giving away kittens. Now Stripey and Missy live happy non-maternal lives in the general area of our building.

And my vet is an angel who forgave me for bringing her a mostly feral patient who had never been handled before, to my knowledge. She and her staff received an extra special Christmas thank-you from me (and Missy) this year!

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