Friday, December 19, 2008

No Snow Yet

We keep holding out hope that it'll snow for Christmas. But, somehow, I just don't see it happening down here in Miami, or up J.G.'s way in Orlando. Maybe, maybe, if we're lucky, the thermometer will drop down into the 50s and we can put on a sweater (woo hoo), but that's about as close as it ever gets for us.

J.G. was just down on business for a couple of days and we managed to get together for dinner. She had a very cool and swanky hotel room, with a wraparound balcony overlooking the balmy Atlantic.

I'm finally done traveling for the year -- 96 nights at Starwood chain hotels in '08, not to mention another 30 nights in a spring training condo up in Jupiter -- the city, for you non-Floridians, not the planet. But, on J.G.'s suggestion and with directions that she discovered online and texted to me, I found the infamous Larry Craig bathroom stall at the Minneapolis airport on the way back from Idaho. Let me just say that I've visited some unusual landmarks in my time, such as the largest ball of twine and deepest hand-dug well, both in Kansas. But the Larry Craig stall ranked right up there.

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