Monday, December 22, 2008

Drug-Free Christmas Music

By special request: I'm pretty confident these musicians are not involved in drugs in any way. Doesn't seem to hurt their music in the least, either! (impish, maybe, but clean)

And last but not least:
(can't be sure, but what the heck? I'm willing to take a chance on these guys)

It's surprisingly difficult to find my favorite Christmas songs and carols sung by anyone who hasn't had at least a brush with addiction/abuse/illegals of some kind (I'm including alcohol here), at least if you can believe Wikipedia. Which makes me wonder if there's a dark side to the whole Chrismas spirit thing, at least for the artists among us.

(Confidential to C.S.: I hear Santa is still making the final decisions about who's "naughty" and who's "nice." You may want to give that some thought before you make your next comment about my choice of holiday music. Just sayin'.)

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  1. At the risk of upsetting Santa, I thought, based on our phone conversation, that your next post was going to be about cockroaches in literature. Instead, you give us another round of holiday tunes. What gives?


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