Friday, October 3, 2008

The Opposite of Nesting

Nesting is making a cozy home by gathering things together, right? I'm busy doing the opposite, in kind of a mid-fall rite of passage to mark my transition into the world as a lawyer. I tossed all my law school notes. I culled my fiction collection (and posted over 100 books on for others to browse and request). I cleaned out the refrigerator. I even scrubbed, dusted and vacuumed my apartment, so this is some serious stuff.

It feels good to lighten the load as I enter this new phase. I'm thoroughly enjoying my work in Earth Jurisprudence, and sending many good thoughts into the universe for the funding that will transform it into a full-time job. Today I formally agreed to be a Writing Coach to graduate students at a local college. I know I will love that, and perhaps it will lead to other creative things, or other teaching work. This weekend I'm making a budget that reflects the financial realities of my new life, with an eye toward those looming student loan payments.

Many years ago a palm reader told me I would have two lives. Apparently my life line breaks and then resumes as it crosses my palm. Whenever I experience major life changes, I always wonder, "Is this it? Is this my second life?"

From what I have been through, I may have already started my second life long ago. Really, how can I be sure what's a change and what's a continuation of what came before? Isn't everything really both a change and a continuation? But if I haven't already started my second life, I'm definitely starting it now.

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