Friday, September 26, 2008

Planes, trains, rain and ?/@)$;?

Crappy mood at the moment. Final week of regular season not going smoothly.Presently on board Amtrak train 2160, making way from Washington to NYC. This was not original plan but poor weather in the northeast has put a crimp in schedule. Mother Nature is a beast.

Game last night in D.C. was banged (i.e. rained out) after several hour wait. Back to hotel late and not much sleep. Hopped aboard Delta Shuttle this morning for game tonight at Shea Stadium, which brought you the Beatles in '64 and the Amazing Mets in '69 and is being torn down just as soon as the final baseball out is recorded. But we never left the ground. Plane got us out to end of runway before engines were turned off and pilot told us LaGuardia was in a "ground stoppage" due to poor weather. And so, after sitting on tarmac for 45 minutes and staring at Obama's plane, we returned to the terminal to await further instruction from air traffic control. A fellow writer and I decided it wasn't worth risking further delays, got off the plane, grabbed a taxi, and took off for the train station. Whistling along now, countryside speeding past..

Season is scheduled to end on Sunday. But more lousy weather in forecast for next several days, and it wouldn't surprise me if more games are postponed and we end up with a doubleheader on Monday. Want to get back to Florida to see J.G. sworn in next week, so fingers will be crossed.

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