Friday, September 19, 2008

Better Than Sliced Bread

If you are a reader and haven't discovered, you must go there immediately! There are several book swap sites on the net, but I am totally, hopelessly addicted to this one. The best part is that it's essentially free: list your books in the system, get matched up with people who want them, mail them out, and when they arrive, get a credit that you can use to select any other book in the system, which is then mailed to you. Because the sender always pays the postage, the postage is a wash.

Actually, the selection is the best part. There are over 2.5 million books listed, and it's all automated by ISBN, so you know exactly what you are getting. I wasn't sure the selection would suit my reading taste, or that anyone would be interested in what I had on hand. C.S. gave me his paperback National Book Award finalists and winners to list, and I weeded out my philosophy and literature books, plus a few odd law books and some cookbooks I wasn't using anymore. Surprisingly, I have been kept busy mailing out books--everything from Julian of Norwich to Calvin & Hobbes--and now have 13 books winging their way to me. A few are classics, and a few are obscure National Book Award poetry winners that I never would have expected to score, since I never find them in the bookstores. So far, so good, and not a Grisham in sight . . . although they have those too, if that's what you like.

Don't tell, but everyone I know is getting a book for Christmas this year.

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