Thursday, June 19, 2008

Morning, Noon and Night -- Seattle, Portland and San Francisco

Swell "off day" on the baseball beat. I drove down to Portland from Seattle this morning and sit at the airport in Oregon waiting for a flight to take me to San Francisco. Was I ever impressed with Portland. Loved the looks of the city and the people and determined quickly that it was my kind of town. Little did I know that the spectacular weather -- sunny and 70s -- is atypical. How atypical? When I asked my waitress, she said today was the first day in a long time -- 10 months -- that they've had weather like this. It is either rainy and/or gray the rest of the time. Oh well. Guess there is no longer a desire to look for the home/real estate booklets.

Powell's "City of Books" was a gas, beyond description, gigantic beyond scope. They're still mourning the death of their store cat, Fup (, but offer gift cards bearing his image. Unfortunately, I managed to find only one book on my list, which was a disappointment. But I did find a birthday present for J.G. It's on to the Bay Area, which has used book stores galore -- some of the best in the country. And when it comes to great cities, San Francisco is tough to beat.


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