Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whirlwind Update

I could blog about these individually and have enough posts for a couple of weeks, but good grief, then I'd still be two weeks behind. So here we go, all at once and in no particular order.

1. I went to see Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, and Jerrod Niemann in concert. Niemann had kind of a Rob Thomas thing going under what we used to call a Mao cap, but he's clearly still getting the hang of performing in front of a large live audience. He was a passable warm-up for Rucker who still has every bit of that voice, my oh my. Rucker didn't wear anything identifying him as a country star (t shirt, jeans, baseball cap) and his set included the hits from the Hootie days, which visibly puzzled some of the fans sitting near me. Paisley was worth the wait, arriving via a very cool Jaws take-off video intro that featured the neck of a guitar slicing through the water instead of the shark fin. He played all his hits and his personality reached all the way to the back row. I didn't know he was such a guitar virtuoso, so that was a pleasant surprise. He's got talent to burn, whether you want clever and funny, classic country pop, a great story, or a wrenching ballad.

2. For a drastic change of pace, I also saw A Midsummer Night's Dream. I think I'm done with our local Shakespeare company. Their productions have way too much going on; I think the artistic director likes things frantic, and the result was pretty much a Three Stooges version. Not my taste. I had the same problem with Hamlet, and if you can't make old Hamlet even a little bit contemplative, really now, what are you up to?

3. Rounding out the ticket-buying experience, I took in a one-man tour de force of Beowulf, which was absolutely riveting. The actor adapted it himself, and it had just the right amount of modernization, retaining all the big themes. Stunning. I was very glad he kept my favorite line intact ("Heaven swallowed the smoke"). And I was only a little distracted when he described but did not name Hrothgar's hall and it took me a wild 5 minutes of thinking "What the HECK was the name of the hall???" before I remembered it (Heorot) and could settle down to being spellbound.

4. I saw the shuttle go up. I wasn't the only person who pulled over this time.

5. The garden had to be transplanted on short notice. I put in for a sunnier bed and it came through, but then someone else wanted the old one, so I had to move the recent plantings pronto. So far everything has survived. Photos are taken. Now if I can just find the camera cable for uploading them . . . and get Blogger to cooperate. (Blogger, what is your problem?)

6. Yoga is back in my daily routine and my back feels better already. So much for the gym and/or classes. A DVD seems to be working just fine.

7. Blasts from the past continue, as I had dinner with one of my college roommates, who I hadn't seen since (gasp) 1978. I'm happy to report we haven't changed much at all since we started our own social club called the Buzzards at our Deep South all-female university. I was such a fish out of water there, I only lasted freshman year before fleeing back to my home state and a much more, ahem, modern college experience. (There's a matter for another post, for sure!) Anyway, she and I have a few more miles on the odometer, but the shared history still works.

8. Reading Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People has been progressing at about 35 words per day, and so I am strongly considering putting it down in favor of something (anything!) more compelling. I will hold onto it, though, in case my insomnia returns.

9. I need to decide within the next week or so if I'm going to move or stay in this apartment for another term. The bloom is definitely off the rose here and I have a lead on a house through a friend's mother . . . and the management here has very helpfully informed me that I can renew early, or the renewal rent goes up $10 per month every week after a certain date until I lock in. With tactics like that, I'm even more inclined not to renew. Just what I need! Something else to do!

10. I'm working with a student who is writing his thesis on 19th Century French literature. Flaubert I know a little about, but how is it that I have missed Zola and Balzac all these years? I'm really tabula rasa, but I figure if he can explain his ideas to me-who-knows-nothing, his professor will definitely be able to tell what he's talking about. (Not to mention: more for the TBR list.)

11. Not much baseball lately, but that is due to change soon. I managed to catch a game over the weekend and it was a cancer benefit. Pink uniform shirts and pink bases!

Whew! With all that I've been up to lately, no wonder I'm so tired. Good thing I have some vacation days scheduled soon.


  1. That was indeed two weeks of posts. What screams out to me is that you should move. I hate being strong armed, particularly about where I live. Good luck!

    Hope the plants survive.

    Also, is there anyway you can set up the blog so that the captcha is on the same page and doesn't have to reload the page to submit? I cannot say how often I have had to retype a comment because I closed the window when the captcha was loading and it got erased.

    Just asking.

  2. Oh my gosh! So much going on. Too bad the Mid Summers Night was a bit frantic. I do love that one:) Best of luck with the rest of your decisions! Oh and your new garden plot too!

  3. Okay, now I'm tired. So much going on. Wow.

  4. Wow. That is a LOT of stuff to have done. Exhausted just reading that all!

  5. I want to hear more about the Deep South college experience, the Buzzards and whatever else comes to mind in that story.


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