Monday, February 28, 2011

The Professor's Cat

Remember the yellow kitten?

(I posted quite a lot about her some 18 months ago. Use the "Cats" tag if you want to backtrack.)

I sat next to the professor at a talk recently, and learned that she continues to train him to do her bidding. Past bulletins have included how she makes him run up and down the stairs in a special 3D game of Ball, how she taught him to play Snake with an old necktie, and how she sneaks everywhere that's off limits when he isn't looking.

She is one smart cookie.

Today's case in point: When he eats dinner, the professor sits at a tall counter outside his kitchen, on a long-legged bar chair. The yellow kitten gets up on the other bar chair and avidly watches every bite, which he finds kind of distracting. To distance himself from her looming presence and rapt attention, he started sliding her bar chair back from the counter, so she wasn't quite so close.

But of course, in her eyes, that seats her too far away, right? So lately she learned to watch until he begins carrying his plate over to the counter, and then she jumps up and sits on HIS chair. Nice and close to the counter and the food. Exactly where she wants to be.

And he winds up sitting in the other chair. After pulling it back up to the counter, of course.

Yep, she's a smarty. Smarter than a law professor, even.

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