Saturday, January 22, 2011

Peas Pose

When I lived in New Hampshire, one of the surest signs of spring (besides Truck Day) was people asking each other, "Got your peas in yet?" Peas like cold weather, so they are the first thing you can plant. There was apparently some sort of competition about planting them earlier than everyone else (so you could be the first gardener to eat them) without planting too early and losing them to a late snow. Considering the biggest snowstorm I ever saw happened on Easter Sunday one year, that calculation is not easy to make.

Anyway, in the garden I frequent, no such problem. People planted their peas quite recently, in December, and I used their lovely blossoms as a chance to practice with my new camera. As you can see, it was trial and error.


Ah, that's better.

Oops. Overconfident.


  1. Our peas are in here in Spain too, though they are growing VERY slowly, no flowers yet either. They are on a pot on the terrace, which may somehow be slowing them, but the snails are so extensive that the garden is not a productive option.

    Flowers I find particularly hard to catch, the automatic settings struggle, to say the least, and I am too lazy to use the manual ones.

  2. Your pea photos are beautiful - the ones in the middle. We aren't thinking about peas in the garden yet.

  3. I hope that was a March Easter, at least.


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