Monday, April 16, 2018

On Impulse

I belong to a kayaking Facebook group. There are tens of thousands of members all over the world, including one cheery fellow in Australia who's convinced that he and I are cousins because we share the same last name. (Now he has me convinced, too, based on nothing more than his habit of greeting me by saying, "Hi, cuz!")

Anyway, for a Facebook group, we are quite well-behaved. The admins strongly enforce the posting rules, and we DO NOT DISCUSS the two topics we're unable to discuss without getting into arguments: wearing/not wearing a PFD (life jacket) and whether sit-on-top kayaks are/are not superior to sit-inside kayaks. Do not think I'm going to discuss those things here, either. It just leads to fights.

Sooo . . . we're quite the happy community, helpful to each other and chock-full of gorgeous pictures, enough gorgeous pictures that our paddling locations bucket list will never be emptied.

Now that you have the flavor of the group, you'll understand why we all rose to the challenge when one of us asked where she should go paddling in Central Florida while she's here on vacation. Lots of people posted pictures and made recommendations. Here's the picture I posted for her.

She replied that she'd checked it out, but there were no guided tours on the days she's available and she didn't want to paddle alone. Now, I bet she could totally paddle this alone unless she's a complete novice -- it's calm water, there's only a slight current, and the gators are generally placid. But I have to respect her safety concerns. So I did the obvious thing: I offered to go with her.

This may prove to be the easiest favor I've ever done for anyone!   

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