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Birth Year Reading Challenge 2018 - Progress & Reviews

Welcome! This is where we track the sign-ups and the candles for the 2018 version of the Birth Year Reading Challenge. (Update: This challenge closed on March 1, but you can still review the rules here.) It's going to be fun!

Please keep me updated on how you're doing (reviews and reactions would be nice, even if just 1-2 sentences). I'll post your progress and light your candles as quickly as possible.

Bev at My Reader's Block (sign-up post: 1947) (2 candles)
1. Another Woman's House - Mignon G. Eberhart (review)
2. Terror in the Town - Edward Ronns (review)

Russell Nelson (details to follow: 1945)

Jamie Ghione at Whatever I Think Of! (sign-up post: 1971)

Neer at A Hot Cup of Pleasure (sign-up post: 1940)

Keslei at Snapshots of an Average Life (sign-up post #1 and sign-up post #2: 1988) (11 candles)
1. The Devil's Arithmetic - Jane Yolen (review) (170 pages)
2. Kirsten Saves the Day - Janet Shaw (review in comments) (67 pages)
3. Changes for Kirsten - Janet Shaw (review in comments) (64 pages)
4. A Girl from Yamhill - Beverly Cleary (review) (352 pages)
5. The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau - Jon Agee (review) (32 pages)
6. Every Dog Has His Day - John Erickson (review) (118 pages)
7. In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World - Virginia Hamilton (review) (161 pages)
8. Ten Kids, No Pets - Ann M. Martin (review) (176 pages)
9. Thornyhold - Mary Stewart (review) (207 pages)
10. The Minstrel in the Tower - Gloria Skurzynski (review) (64 pages)
11. Something Under the Bed Is Drooling - Bill Watterson (review) (128 pages)

Erin-Joi at Erin-Joi's Random Thoughts (details to follow: 1968)

Kimberly (via Goodreads: 1991)

Goldmoon at Quattro passi sulle nuvole (sign-up post: 1973)

Melody Coe (details to follow: 2000)

Bookish Owl at Bookish Owlette (sign-up post)

The Girl, James at Real Life Protagonist (sign-up post: 1990)

Linda (details to follow: 1945)

Tania at Durante el conticinio (sign-up post: 1983) (1 candle)
1. The Witches - Roald Dahl (review)

Charlotte at The Musings of a Bookaholic (sign-up post: 1998)

Carolyn at Riedel Fascination (sign-up post: 1972)

Susan at Chickenfoot (details to follow)

J.G. at Hotchpot Cafe (host - not eligible for prizes) (sign-up post: 1959)


  1. One book down! My review of The Devil's Arithmetic is here.

  2. Two more books finished (both with fewer than 100 pages): Kirsten Saves the Day (67 pages), and Changes for Kirsten (64 pages). Also, not sure if I should have included a page count for The Devil's Arithmetic, but it was 170 pages.

    As a kid, I thought it was pretty cool that there was an American Girl who shared my name. When I was researching for this challenge, I was amused to discover that the last two books in Kirsten's AG series were actually published the year I was born. I hadn't read these in probably twenty years, so I figured it was time to reread them.

    Thoughts on Kirsten Saves the Day: While Kirsten may not necessarily be a great role model for young kids, I'm understanding better now why I liked her so much when I was little. She's headstrong and independent and cares about her family, and I see a lot of my ten-year-old self in her, which is both good and bad.

    Thoughts on Changes for Kirsten: Even as a kid this was my least favorite of the series - it always felt like a very contrived ending. It was my favorite of Kirsten's outfits, though.

    1. Two more candles lighted for you! It sounds like returning to these books has been fun, and I agree, those independent protagonists help us feel like we're not so different, after all, when we're 10 or so. Funny how our perspective changes as we grow up.

  3. Book #4 is complete: A Girl from Yamhill, by Beverly Cleary (352 pages). My review can be found here.

    1. Candle #4 is up and burning! (Thanks for your patience!)

      This sounds like an interesting book. I usually enjoy finding out more about an author and gaining more insight into his/her work. It seems like this book provided that very nicely.

  4. Book #5 complete! This one was a picture book, and since I don't have any kids to read aloud to, I read it to my dog. He liked the attention at least :) My review of The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau, by Jon Agee (32 pages) is here.

    1. I bet your dog loved the attention! And it's not every dog who gets such a fine choice of material. Maybe Agee's "Ellsworth" is next on his TBR list? :-)

      Candle #5 is burning!

  5. Replies
    1. Yay! Candle #1 is lighting your way forward.

  6. Book #6 and book #7 are finished!

    My review for Every Dog Has His Day, by John Erickson (118 pages), is here. (Also the Goodreads page for this book has an error and says it was originally published in 1987, but the copyright page in the book says it was originally published in 1988, so I'm choosing to believe that over the user-submitted info on Goodreads.)

    My review for In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World, as told by Virginia Hamilton (161 pages), can be found here.

    1. Well done and noted! Thanks for your patience.

  7. I just finished my first book… I'm a little behind >.< It was The Witches, by Roald Dahl. It was one of my favorite movies when I was a child, but I hadn't read the book before. I loved it. This is my review:

    1. Thanks, Tania! Your candle is up and burning and lighting your way to the next book!

  8. Book #8 completed - Ten Kids, No Pets, by Ann M. Martin (176 pages). The review is here.

    1. Hi, Keslei! Your review is up and so is your candle! However, I seem to be missing books 6 and 7 that you read. Did I overlook them? If so, can you please re-send? Thank you!

    2. Yeah, I submitted them about a month ago, but here they are again:

      Book #6 - Every Dog Has His Day, by John Erickson (118 pages) - review is here.

      Book #7 - In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World, as told by Virginia Hamilton (161 pages) - review is here.

    3. So sorry! (I hate when that happens!) Thanks for your patience and you're all caught up now, 8 candles ablaze!

      It sounds like you're having fun reading and re-reading some classics from your younger days!

  9. I finally got another one done! (My reading plans are all shot to pieces this year....)

    Terror in the Town by Edward Ronns

    1. Candle #2 is burning brightly. Sorry your reading hasn't been going as planned . . . but it sounds like this one was well worth your time!

  10. I've finished book #9 - Thornyhold, by Mary Stewart (207 pages) - my review is here. I really enjoyed this one - I love her writing and this was one of the few books of hers I'd not read before. (And once again, the Goodreads info is incorrect, as it lists this edition as having 188 pages, while the page numbering in the book in front of me clearly goes up to 207.)

    1. Congrats on adding another candle, Keslei! This sounds like it was a very enjoyable book indeed.

  11. Two more books completed!

    Book #10: The Minstrel in the Tower, by Gloria Skurzynski (64 pages) - my review is here.

    Book #11: Something Under the Bed Is Drooling, by Bill Watterson (128 pages) - my review is here.

    1. You've got quite a fire going there, Keslei -- well done!

      I agree completely with your review of Calvin & Hobbes. I saw that title and thought, "Ew!" but my next thought was, "Wait, Watterson? I'd totally read that."


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