Friday, July 15, 2011


I didn't intend to take a blogging hiatus, but I did. Now it's time to get back to it again. What was I doing instead? Well, let's see . . .

Lots of yoga. Ashtanga is pretty darn wonderful for my psyche and my fitness level.

Lots of baseball watching. Only about a week left, then I am limited to listening to the Red Sox on the radio for the rest of the season. Some unpacking and organizing. More will follow soon; listening to baseball on the radio is very conducive to puttering around the house.

Some gardening. I've removed a lot of vines from the back yard fence, and added a few flowers to the front yard and one bush to the back yard. Now I am contemplating a vegetable garden for the fall season. Because the only sunny area is in the front yard, I am picturing lettuce and whatnot in flower pots.

Hosting some special guests. A college professor and his wife called to inquire about a luncheon visit last weekend. When a 93-yard-old gentleman you've known for 30years asks such a question, "Yes" is the only suitable answer. I assembled a cold lunch, leaving plenty of time for conversation. Good thing I didn't try and cook, either--they phoned that morning to say they were running an hour early! They were accompanied by their companion and caretaker who is from Ecuador, which made for some fascinating conversation.

Going to the movies. I saw "Midnight in Paris" and loved it enough to see it a second time. The first visit was especially amusing because apparently all the literary snobs were seated with me in the back row. There were several times during the movie when we back row folks were the only ones who were laughing. Either there wasn't really a joke there and/or we were the only ones getting it.

I've been doing some reading, too, but that will have to wait for another post. Don't want to wear myself out on the first day back!


  1. Baseball, I remember listening to it with my dad. We even went to a game last year, loved it, though I know little more than the basics. I also have to adore a guest who can call and say he's running an hour early. My kind of folks.

  2. I think I'd miss all the jokes in Midnight in Paris! I know who all the dudes in question are, but I don't like their writing (apart from F. Scott Fitzgerald) and thus have never bothered to learn anything about them as people.


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