Friday, March 4, 2011

Three Bags Full

I have been spring cleaning. It came over me without warning, perhaps brought on by the perfect weather (with just a hint of wood smoke) and open windows to enjoy it through.

I started with the intention of doing the basics such as changing the sheets, running the vacuum, and scrubbing the tub. The next thing I knew, jackets were relocated into the spare closet, the summer comforter and pillow shams were on the bed, and the sweaters and other clothes I didn't wear this winter were stuffed into a collection bag, on their way to Goodwill.

I filled three donation bags and three trash bags. I changed the filter on the vacuum cleaner. I relocated several lamps and other minor pieces of furniture to other rooms, and repurposed some baskets. I really got a lot done!

But the bathroom still isn't clean. Maybe tomorrow? They say it's going to be another beautiful day.

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  1. Yahoo! That is marvelous! I love it when these things happen cause you feel like doing it rather than cause you have to do it. So much more enjoyable and rewarding


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