Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wendell Berry Challenge 2011

Wendell Berry is a writer, poet, farmer, and environmentalist, which means there is a lot of overlap between his interests and mine (his on a large scale, mine on a tiny one). He’s definitely worth reading, and thanks to CarrieK at Books and Movies, I have some extra incentive. This challenge has nicely relaxed rules, which you can find here.

I'll be at the Dangling Your Toes level, reading 2 of Wendell Berry’s books.

1. The Collected Poems of Wendell Berry, 1957-1982

2. The Art of the Commonplace (Okay, so I have to acquire this one. It will be worth it.)


  1. I am so glad you're joining us for the Wendell Berry challenge! I love his poetry, and I'm reading Art of the Commonplace right now - it's brilliant.

  2. I'm off to seek out some Wendell Berry...


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