Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Small World

An amazing coincidence took place at the garden this past weekend.

Often I am there by myself, but now that the weather is so nice (in the low 80s these days) and the spring planting season is here, I've started bumping into the other plotholders. This weekend I introduced myself to a woman who was working on her plot when I arrived. We called hello from a distance, and then I walked over to get a closer look at what she was planting.

It took a minute for her name to sink in, and when I got a better look at her, she looked very familiar. Incredibly, we first met in kindergarten, and hadn't seen each other since high school!

As soon as I asked her what her full name was ("Did your name use to be . . . ?") and told her my name, we both had a wonderful shock of recognition, followed by a big hug and a long trading of shared memories and updates on what we're doing now.

We are only about 45 minutes away from the small town where we were in school together, but what are chances that after 30+ years, in a city of 230,000 people, we would wind up sharing the same community garden of 26 plots? And that we would meet up there on a sunny morning?

What a happy spring surprise!


  1. Happy Spring surprise indeed!

    What are you planting? Veggies? Flowers???


  2. That's so exciting! Happy gardening!

  3. Cool! And that's crazy. I don't know that I'd recognize any names from my kindergarten class!

  4. How extraordinary. People look so different, don't they? And yet we see that same thread of a person that we first knew in kindergarten. Making applesauce and butter!

  5. Oreneta, the garden is mostly lettuce right now. I'll take some photos as soon as it passes the microscopic stage.

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. I couldn't wait to share my excitement at meeting a new/old friend.

    Ruth, we both still look quite a bit like ourselves way back when. Just a little more mileage!


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