Friday, February 4, 2011


Sometimes I just need a break from the workday routine. My current distraction is Skip the bobcat.
Skip was hit by a car and found in a field by some very nice feral cat people, who nabbed him and took him in for medical attention. Wife was very excited at the chance to see a bobcat up close, and then she realized he was hurt. She called Husband for help. That must have been some phone call! "Oh, and honey? Bring a blanket or something, okay?"
Husband appears to be used to this sort of thing, though. He's quoted in the paper as saying, "She is just that kind of a girl."

You can read the newspaper story here.

Like any other cat, Skip spends a lot of time sleeping. Sometimes I get a treat when I peek in, if he's moving around, stretching, yawning, or having a meal. Often there is sound, too. Cute he may be, but he's still a wild animal with a nice growl on him.

Enjoy! But I warn you: it's addictive.


  1. Very cool, seemed to be sleeping when I was there!

  2. He's sleeping now but I will check back in later. :p

  3. Sunday morning he is dozing with his face right in the camera. Lucky me! (Isn't intermittent postive reinforcement the most powerful kind?)


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