Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Remember the House?

I tramped around my favorite remodeling site again recently, and had another nice chat with the husband-owner-builder-contractor-chief laborer. Prior info and views are posted here and here, if you want a quick refresher and comparison photos.

What would it be like to get up every single Saturday and Sunday for a couple of years and go to work on your future home, with only your dad to help? A true long-term labor of love.

Double that because it turns out that while the remodeling is underway, the husband-owner-builder-contractor-chief laborer, the wife-owner, their 10-year-old son, and their new baby are living in what used to be the playhouse/guesthouse on the property, in only 300 square feet!

Of course, when this project is done it will all be worth it. It was so nice to hear the husband talk about their vision of this as a generational family homestead. He and his wife plan to live there for the rest of their lives, and they hope the kids will keep the house in the family, too. Gosh, I hope that works out for them!

Roof going on, with addition to the right

Front facade, with garage to the left

Front entrance to the garage, a completely new structure

"Floating" porte-cochere between house and garage
(Isn't the cross detail great?)

Another view of the front entrance--each space between column groups will be filled with an arch compatible with the arched windows in the facade

Back entrance to the addition, with porch

More or less matching porch and grilling space off the back of the garage

Standing in the original kitchen, looking into the addition, back entry porch to the left--there will be an island separating the kitchen from the living space

The front room of the house with the fireplace--entering by the front door will land you in this formal living and dining room (that's a glimpse of the garage through the window on the right)


  1. This is going to be a most wonderful home for the family. What an amazing amount of work he's put in - all by himself? - and how much there is left to do. That's dedication to the future.

  2. What an amazing house they're going to have at the end of it all! And they will know every square inch of it.

  3. Wow, this is an inspiring and ambitious reno project.


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