Thursday, December 16, 2010


Fresh from the garden.

Oooh, don't eat this. It tastes like . . . horseradish? I know I ordered the "spicy" mixed lettuce packet, but holy moly, I couldn't spit this out fast enough. Yuck! Thank goodness I tested it before I mixed it into the plated greens.

Add a few walnut pieces, some feta, some green onions, a sprinkling of raisins and dried cranberries, plus balsamic dressing. Fresh, fresh, fresh.


  1. J.G., may I ask how you "spit out" your spicy lettuce? Did you use a napkin, I hope?

  2. Isn't it spat out or am I being pendantic here....though with couldn't in front it would have to be spit.

    It looks glorious whether it got spit or spat....

  3. I figured I'd spare you the gory details, C.S.

    Orenta, "spat" is one of those words I'll rephrase a whole sentence just to avoid!


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