Saturday, November 27, 2010

Okay, That's IT

I'm calling "No fair!"

I haven't finished my 2010 challenges yet, but literary types in the blogosphere are already announcing their challenges for 2011. And some of them sound very intriguing. What is up with that, people??? It's only November, for goodness' sake.

(Are you the same people who have already done all of your holiday shopping? Hmmm? I suspect that you are.)

And I am not, repeat NOT, signing up for any new challenges until I finish this year's self-assigned reading. Progress is being made, as we say in the Land of the Passive Voice.

But I am keeping a sidebar list of the ones I plan to join as soon as I cross this year's finish line. All that temptation has to go somewhere!


  1. Wow, people are zealous. I think I'm taking a break from challenges, even though they are grand fun, because I rarely manage to remember them longer than three months at a time. I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet, alas -- I've made lists though! That should count for something! :D

  2. With you on that one....too early to start lists for next year. WAY too early.

  3. Sorry...I'm one of the early birds. But I had my idea for a challenge and as crazy as my life gets from now until about March (I'm in charge of graduate admissions in the English Dept where I wordk), I knew I'd never get it up if I didn't do it now.

    (And, no, I don't have my Christmas shopping done. Not even close....)

  4. I must confess that I am looking ahead to 2011 challenges. I am only limiting myself to 4 challenges and have signed up for the What's in a Name Challenge and ...
    I do have my shopping completed, but that is because my family lives all over this lovely planet and I need to ship gifts out next week to get their into time for Christmas...

    I am checking out favorite blogs as I take a break from trimming the tree - ok - I may have a problem :)


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