Friday, November 5, 2010

Don't Look Now, But It's November

In November, a bookish person's thoughts naturally turn to unfinished reading challenges.

Back when I joined up, December 31 seemed a long way away. Now, not so much. The end of the year is in sight, and I have eight books to finish between now and then. Uh-oh. Better get on it.

The approaching challenge deadline is a perfect motivation to concentrate on reading the long winter evenings away. And now that the World Series is over, there's no competition between my two favorite hobbies.

Speaking of challenges: The Birth Year Reading Challenge ends on the last day of 2010. How are y'all doing on that? Am I missing any updates on the progress page? I've tried to light all the appropriate candles, but please let me know if I've neglected to give credit where credit is due.

As deadlines go, reading challenge deadlines are some of the better ones, yes?


  1. You left a note for the 50 book or 100 book in a year reading challenge, which I have met, but sadly I passed on the birth year reading challenge, my birth year didn't seem such a good one.
    8 to go sounds quite do-able, indeed charming!

  2. I am impressed.....and behind in all of my reading.

  3. Many similar interests. I would like to follow along, and I invite you to follow my blog as well. Thanks.

    The Disconnected Writer


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