Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crash City

Despite having had practically nothing on the calendar this weekend, I could use a couple more days off before heading back to work.

After months of committee meetings and detailed plans, a big work event finally came to fruition on Thursday and Friday last week. It was very successful; all that sustained, concentrated effort paid off in a big way.

Now I am, in a word, exhausted. Thursday and Friday began at 5 a.m., with work from 7 a.m. to about 9 p.m. Nothing like a pair of 14-hour workdays to finish off the week, right?

Saturday morning, much as I wanted to sleep in, I had a writing workshop to host. After it wrapped up around noon, I treated myself to lunch at my favorite pizza joint, complete with one of my favorite beverages.

Look closely. This is not only hard cider, it is Granny Smith apple hard cider. Nectar of the gods.

Unfortunately, the inevitable post-event crash hit me just after lunch. I could barely stay awake long enough to drive home. Whereupon I took a four-hour nap. Whereupon I had a piece of cold pizza for dinner and went straight to bed.

Today was not much better, although I managed to stay awake until late afternoon before succumbing to another nap attack. But I am still tired!

Do you think I can call in tomorrow and say I'm too sleepy to come to work? Nah. But it's definitely time to schedule some vacation days. If I can stay awake long enough.


  1. I love that stuff! It is my next favorite beverage after Mike's Hard Lemonade. :D

  2. I haven't tried the Mike's but I probably should. (FYI, the pear flavored Woodchuck is pretty darn good, too.)


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