Friday, March 19, 2010

Free, Free, Free pays off again! A first edition (4th printing) and I don't think it's ever been read. The previous owner wrote her name in the front, but otherwise: pristine.

As you can barely glimpse here, the book itself has a loud burgundy and gold binding, just like the color scheme of the jacket. Very nice.

The jacket itself is very plastic-y feeling, which I'm not crazy about. Under the protective cover, though, it's not noticeable. I'll probably forget all about it soon. It looks like the jacket is trimmed crookedly, but that's the way it's designed (I checked--they're all like that).

The pages are deckle-edged. That's definitely a plus.

I've already read and reviewed this, so it will go straight to the "Bookers, Read" shelf. With a big smile.


  1. How delightful. I so wish that this system worked outside the US.

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