Monday, December 1, 2008

Just a Phase (Pun Intended)

We are obsessed with all things nighttime and celestial right now, so here's the latest. While getting the mail tonight, I happened to look up at the tiny crescent moon and noticed two gorgeously bold planets shining brightly right next to it in the clear and crisp night air. Of course I called C.S. right away and suggested he go outside immediately and take a look. He has long ago given up trying to argue with me when I make these kinds of bizarre requests. His trust was well-rewarded with a view of the moon, Venus, and Jupiter making a "frowny face" in the night sky. Come to find out they only sail that close to each other once every 44 years. I'm so glad we looked!

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  1. Actually, it's the second time in the last couple of weeks that J.G. has alerted me to celestial doings in the night sky. The other was the Shuttle launch, which was spectacular to watch even to us earthlings living 300 miles to the south of the pad. It's a good thing she called last night. Not only was I able to enjoy the rare view of the "conjunction," but also discovered Paco -- one of my cats -- on the roof of the house. How he made it up there I do not know. Perhaps he was hoping to get a closer look at the planetary event. But he made it quite obvious that he did not care for his predicament, and it took a ladder, a tasty kitty treat, and a fair amount of cajoling to get him off the roof.


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