Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cup of Joe -- Not a Drop to Drink

Time to check in with a few updates from the road. I managed to escape Las Vegas with a tidy (tiny?) profit of $5.05. Then again, I stopped betting with five days left in my stay, at the precise moment I lost an NFL game that looked to be in the bag late in the fourth quarter. Vegas wasn't my kind of town -- so fake -- and I told J.G. I had no intention of ever going back. From Vegas, I traveled on to Idaho. The Nevada-Idaho combination allowed me to check two new states off my to-see list, leaving me only Montana, New Mexico, Hawaii and the two Dakotas to reach all 50 visited. I'm staying at a beautiful bed and breakfast (see fuzzy photo below), where this morning we spotted a bald eagle settle onto a tree branch along the snowy banks of the Snake River, right outside our back window. Then came about three or four more inches of snow, and a startling discovery. This region of Idaho is heavily populated with members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, and that realization set in when I searched about Rexburg, a bucolic town of about 25,000, for a simple cup of coffee. I'm not talking latte, I'm not talking espresso. I'm talking Folgers, Maxwell House, Sanka -- anything. "Sorry sir," the woman at the register at Walgreen's informed me. "Rexburg is not a good coffee town. I can recommend a few places for hot chocolate. But the closest place to get a decent cup of coffee is Idaho Falls." Well, I wasn't about to drive 30 miles, through a snowstorm, no less, for a cup of coffee. But I spent the rest of the day craving caffeine, and I'm still thirsting for a sip. Maybe on my way back to Florida tomorrow.

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