Thursday, September 25, 2008

Box O'Books

Now that the results are official, it's time to let go of our bar prep books. Almost everyone I know has been keeping them handy, even though the exam was nearly two months ago. Here's what one of my friends had to say about it:

I notice – I have not yet gotten myself to actually take my big plastic crate out of the trunk of my car – the one that holds all my law books, notebooks, etc. It’s funny, I’ve been carrying around this crate for four years – and - it seems that it will take a “you passed” note from the Florida Bar to get me to remove it from my car. I only remember when I do the grocery shopping. I pop the trunk – and each time – find myself standing in the parking lot for a few extra minutes – shaking my head. Then, I move the crate over – and load the groceries. Maybe this is some kind of a sickness? I cannot let it go. It’s as if I want to have my books/notes available at all times – just in case. What if I get stranded on the road somewhere – you know – a flat or something – and have to kill time – wouldn’t it be prudent of me to use that time to study? - Shouldn’t I study? know, just in case? As every day goes by – I feel what little law I had – is drifting out of my head – like the steam on a hot road right after a summer shower. Was the “rule against perpetuities” the name of a cartoon? I’m even thinking about driving to Tampa – just to walk around the convention center a couple of times – to keep myself – you know – fresh – in preparation of the inevitable. I see a phobia developing here.

This person was not kidding. But now that the "you passed" news has arrived, we can finally let go of our books and our worries.

I, on the other hand, returned my bar prep books the same week as the exam. I did that during law school, too: the day after my last exam each semester, I went to the bookstore, sold back my books, and bought the next semester's books. Confidence? No way. Pure superstition. I did it the first semester in a burst of efficiency, and after that I never wanted to pass up a chance to keep the Fates on my side. Especially for the bar exam!

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  1. I can understand superstition and tradition, so I see why you got rid of the books. But I tell you -- those BarBri books are an amazing resource for a new lawyer. They are the shortcut to so many answers that you will need to know. Like, "What are the elements of a negligence claim so I can draft this Complaint?" or "What affirmative defenses can I raise to this breach of contract action?" I used mine until they fell apart.


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