Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Best Line So Far

Whew! I am tired but feeling the rush of it all being over except the waiting. Results are available on-line September 22, so let the next countdown begin! Meanwhile, I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I don't have to think about a do-over in February.

C.S. is right: no one that I know of passed out, freaked out in the middle and raced from the room, or threw up, although there was plenty of evidence we were feeling plenty of stress and fatigue.

Here's just one example: At the start of the exam each of us had to use an ink pad and place prints of our right index finger and right middle finger into squares on a card. The instructions for how to do this were read over a p.a. system to all 3,000 of us simultaneously. The combination of the p.a. system, the tone of the woman's voice, and the size and lighting of the room (and possibly the mental/emotional conditions!) gave this an eerie, futuristic quality. I half expected her at some point to say, "Badge numbers 02040 through 02090, please report to the teleportation room immediately."

Anyway, we managed to accomplish this task and even laughed about it at lunchtime. One of my friends reported that he turned to his seatmate--a total stranger--and asked, "Which one's my index finger?"

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