Friday, July 3, 2009

Pseudo Interview

C.S. and I tripped off to St. Petersburg last weekend for a mini-vacation. We are now anticipating your questions.

Did we stay at a charming tropical beachside bed & breakfast, where we had our own cottage? Yes, we did.

Did we visit some wonderful bookstores? Yes, we did.

Did we get totally lost and spend quite a bit of extra time swearing and driving around heretofore unexplored parts of the city? Yes, we did. (Sorry, no photo.)

Did we go to a baseball game at a hideous indoor stadium? Yes, we did.

(photo courtesy of

Did we have a wonderful dinner that included the world's best onion rings? Yes, we did.

(dining room photo courtesy of

Did we brave the Sunshine Skyway Bridge? Yes, we did. But we weren't too happy about it.

Why did the 'fraidy cats cross the bridge? There was a bookstore on the other side.

(photo courtesy of Figg Engineering)

Did I score a very fun souvenir pencil, absolutely free? Yes, I did.

Did I ride the train home (because C.S. had to stay and work), departing from a gorgeous historic train station? Why, yes, I did!

(circa 1912 postcard and photo courtesy of

Thank you for asking!


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  2. I love St. Pete. It's a fun city. Did you know Dippin' Dots are manufactured right here in my hometown?

  3. Wow, Hula! You could probably get a pencil anytime.

    What's funny is that it was the guy selling scorecards who gave me this one. Perhaps he was a regular customer.


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