Thursday, July 2, 2009

No Language Barrier Here

I had a nice chat with my downstairs neighbor last evening. Her English is a little iffy, but it's way better than my Spanish, which is decidedly mas o menos, mostly menos. Or should I say it's asi-asi? (Google was not terribly helpful on this point that I could barely remember after many years of non-practicing, except to indicate that both expressions mean roughly the same thing: "more or less" or "so-so.")

Anyway, she and I got on just fine in English. She asked me if I had moved out and said she had noticed them rehabbing my old apartment. She wondered if I was coming back every night from my new place just to feed the outdoor cat. I explained that I'd just moved across the hall and it was a bigger apartment but less money. She was very interested in that. Her four grandchildren are visiting, so she and her husband and the four kids are all staying in a one-bedroom apartment right now. Very crowded!

Then she told me that yesterday one of the grandchildren broke the blinds. When her husband stood up on the couch to fix it, his foot slipped down between the cushions, went through the bottom, and he got a bad cut from the springs. He had to have ten . . . what do you call them? Ten inches? No, ten stitches!

I was so sympathetic, as you may well imagine. I said, "Oh my, now you have to be his nurse."

And she said, "Yes, now I have FIVE children at my house."

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