Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back in the Classroom

It's been almost a year since I learned anything in a classroom setting and, lifetime learner that I am, that hiatus was certain to end eventually. Today I signed up for the perfect class to begin my next student phase.

The Myth of the Green Man Mask (clay sculpture)

Have fun creating your own green man mask by using a mold cast from your face. . . . Students must be comfortable with putting Vaseline on eyelashes, brows and facial hair and having a thin layer of plaster bandages covering the face for about 20 minutes. (The nostrils will not be covered.) . . . [D]ress for a mess.

The Green Man is my favorite motif, so they had me at hello. If I ever got a tattoo, his image is probably what I would get. I like him that much.

He's mostly medieval, but there are many, many examples of his face in many, many cultures and times. This one's my favorite: the Green Man of Bamburg, Germany, c. 1237 (photo courtesy of He appears on the base of a statue known as the Rider of Bamburg, which has been interpreted as representing the triumph of civilization, reason and law. Meanwhile, the base of the statue is supported by the decorative leaves and face of the watchful, powerful, wild spirit of nature. Very cool.

I haven't a smidgeon of artistic talent, but am still up for the adventure of trying to make my own feminine version of a leafy mask.

And I really appreciated the clarification that I won't have to hold my breath for 20 minutes while encased in Vaseline and plaster bandages.

Even so. Law school, it ain't.


  1. Intriguing! Sounds like a fun project.

    BTW..just where would you put this tattoo?

  2. Ha! That's the question, isn't it? Somewhere that it wouldn't show and wouldn't sag. Is there such a place?

  3. Sounds like more fun that law school, and let me know when you figure out where things won't sag, m'kay?


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