Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today's Question (Rant)

I just want to know. (Actually, I just want to whine about it.)

When I call customer service and get the automated attendant, why do I have to answer a whole bunch of prompts about what my number is and why I am calling, BEFORE it tells me the office is closed?

I just discovered I have been double-billed for my internet service; apparently they did not turn off the old service when they started the new service, but ha! I have a confirmation number to show they were supposed to. I think this problem is complex enough that the on-line account service experience is not going to yield the results I am looking for. Hence, the phone call. Of course, it took 5 minutes of trying to speak clearly to find out no one was available to help me.


Robot voice: Please say in a few words why you are calling. You can say "I want to pay my bill" or "I want to establish new service."

Me: I have a question about my bill.

Robot voice: Okay, it sounds like you have a question about your bill. Is that correct?

Me (highly amused): Yes.

Robot voice: I'm sorry, I didn't understand your response. Please say in a few words why you are calling . . . .

Thus, several circuits of automated attendant hell were required before it was determined I couldn't be helped.

Sometimes I think they are just trying to make it so frustrating that I decide I don't really need any help after all.


  1. I know that voice. I hear it everytime I call to pay my phone bill. I loathe that voice.

  2. My bank has the same voice, hate it...so does my cellphone provider...hate it.

  3. That darn voice is just everywhere!


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