Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good Self-Talk

For all the talk about how important confidence is going into the bar exam, nobody feels very confident these days. There's so much material! No matter how well you prepare, there will always be a little fear and doubt. So perhaps that's normal.

Anyway, here's what I've been remembering during those dark nights of the soul that come along now and then. It's paraphrased from the Florida Criminal Law lecture:

Having the person's name right is very important in the indictment or charging information, or on a witness subpoena. Any aliases the person uses should also be included.

As a practice tip for the future, make sure you check that out beforehand. War story: One time, an attorney was challenging a witness about his identity. He kept asking the witness whether his last name was LeNew, and insisting that it was, while the witness kept saying that wasn't his name.

Finally someone took pity on the attorney and whispered in his ear that "LNU" on the paperwork didn't mean "LeNew," but stood for "Last Name Unknown."

Hey, THAT guy passed the bar! (And God willing, so can I!)

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  1. Best of luck to you! Remember -- it is a test of basic competence. :)

    I've passed three in my life (I've got the West Coast covered) and can honestly say that it is not as bad as you psych yourself up for.


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