Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baseball at Dusk

J.G. and I spent the Fourth doing the barbeque/ baseball thing and both received home run ratings. Bubbalou's took care of our food fix while our baseball tastebuds were satisfied by a summer wood bat league tilt over at Rollins College. (Sorry for the cloudiness of the picture at left.)
Last I heard, J.G. is holed up in a bunker someplace studying for the bar. But I was able to get a call through and confirm that she is alive and well and not too terribly cranky. Yet.
As for me, I'm out in San Diego covering the Local Nine from South Florida and enjoying the absolutely perfect weather. It's up to L.A. for a weekend set with the Dodgers, then back home to offer J.G. encouragement as the final countdown begins. T-minus 3 WEEKS and counting.

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